July 6, 2022

We’ve Been Accepted Into the Invite-Only Shopify Theme Accelerator

RENO, NEVADA, USA, JULY 6, 2022 – Commence Studio is announcing its acceptance into the exclusive, invite-only Shopify Theme Accelerator. Commence is a design and technology studio for crafting branding that reflects a company’s values.

Commence Studio has been operating with the goal of offering customers more convenient and affordable options for building their online stores. The Shopify Theme Accelerator offers guidance and incentives for the Commence Studio team to plan, execute, test and eventually launch diverse themes in the Shopify Theme Marketplace. This Shopify program has a 12-week duration and:

  • Brings together creative professionals in the eCommerce industry
  • Supports the growth of their technical skills, quickly
  • Engages them with Shopify projects

“We look forward to using our entire team’s strengths of Learner, Input, Achiever, and Futuristic to see this Accelerator through. The timing of the accelerator couldn’t have been more perfect. We had a theme planned for some time, but put it on the backburner for q3 as we were busy with project-based work. We’ve had a shift in our resources that perfectly aligned with this exclusive Shopify Partner opportunity,” says CEO Matt McIver.

The Accelerator program has an end deliverable of an eCommerce theme that can be purchased and set up to fit many different brands and products. This outcome gives designers, agencies, and solo entrepreneurs the flexibility to scale an eCommerce platform with a solid starting point.

Spearheading the Shopify Theme Accelerator program are Commence Studio’s Technical Director, Alisha Garric and company CEO, Matt McIver. The Commence Studio team will receive rewards in the form of undisclosed incentives for each of the five phases they complete during the Shopify Theme Accelerator program.

Commence Studio is a creative agency focused on forward movement. They strive to craft intentional brands that take cultural values and transform them into value for a company. According to CEO Matt McIver, Commence Studio aims to help entrepreneurs deliver the highest quality of creative work. They help to build people and cultivate collaborative relationships, putting radical resilience at the forefront. Commence Studio wants to leave a positive impact on the world through its work and creative partnerships with clients.

The company’s services include branding, eCommerce, packaging, and content creation. Within the realm of branding, Commence Studio helps brands with their strategy, positioning, identity, and design. They help entrepreneurs develop a creative direction for their brand.

Commence Studio’s eCommerce services are where they branch into Shopify Development. They are certified partners and Shopify experts, having achieved 10+ successful deployments of their own development stores. They make the leap from design to code quickly and use this design and development to drive sales.

Entrepreneurs and other creatives looking to launch their online businesses can reach out to Commence Studio regarding the exciting Shopify Theme Accelerator program opportunity. For more information, contact Commence Studio via their online form.