March 15, 2023

Unleashing The Power of Video on Your Shopify Store

According to Digital Commerce 360, Ecommerce sales grew 7.7% in 2022 year over year reaching $1.03 trillion in 2022, passing $1 trillion for the first time ever. And as the barrier to entry for building an Ecommerce store has become easier, competition has also increased with innovative DTC brands.

As a result, existing merchants need to continue to optimize their website for conversions and experiment with new trends to stay ahead.


Leveraging video is an excellent way to accomplish this. It’s been a missing piece of the puzzle for years now, mostly due to the strain that videos can have on page speed.


But that is no longer an obstacle, as there are solutions that can help you work around this.


This is how Ecommerce brands can use videos to improve customer experience, shopper engagement and revenues:

Product Videos

Pictures can often be deceiving as they can hide behind good lighting and angles. If a shopper doesn’t feel confident in their purchase, they drop off in their chances to complete their order.


However, video is a dynamic experience that allows viewers to grasp what a product can look and feel like, especially from having other people interact with it.

It can put those worries to rest, as they can gauge how the product looks and feels through video.


For Moriarty’s Gem Art, this worked well. Jeff Moriarty, the company’s marketing manager, explains,

Over the years, our business received so many questions regarding seeing different angles of our jewelry. In the past, we would send them multiple pictures via email. Realizing that there’s an issue, we began creating videos for each piece of jewelry we put on our website.”


Customers stopped asking these questions now that the videos addressed it, and saw increased orders for products that had videos on their product page.

Moriarty explains, “Seeing these results, we took the initiative to get videos on all items, and now before we list any item on the website, we make sure to have a video on the product page as well”.


Product videos from Video Wise

Leverage Video Testimonials

Shoppers often refer to previous buyers of the product to hear what their experience of their purchase was like, and if it lived up to their expectations.

And with the rise of social media, there are millions of shoppers who are creating reviews of products they buy and post it to their social accounts.

Asking your customers to create their own testimonials can allow you to take your reviews a step higher and inject social proof onto your products page, helping ease any concerns that on-the-fence shoppers may have about your product.

Social proof can improve conversions by 15%. It’s one thing to tell others what you do and how amazing you are at it, but video testimonials that show clients how much they love your products are far more powerful. Have you thought about using testimonials in your Facebook Ads?

Product videos from Video Wise

Improve Your SEO

Video content increases the amount of time visitors spend on your website and, as a result, improves your SEO. With SEO being a central foundation of your online presence, improving your page ranking and time-on-site is an additional advantage to beating out the competition and staying ahead of them.

The addition of video to Custom Neon’s home page increased the company’s search engine results and time spent on the site climbed by 40%, as well as reducing the number of bounces.

Use Influencer Marketing To Increase Sales

With the rise of influencers, brands can turn to expert content creators to help market their product at cost effective rates.

They can tap into the influencer’s targeted audience, market to them, as well as have the content the influencer made and re-use it for Facebook ads.

According to 89% of marketers, influencer marketing’s return on investment (ROI) is equivalent to or greater than that of other channels.


But now, you can take it one step further by taking that content and placing it on your website and product detail pages (PDP), to further increase the social proof.


“20 to 30% of our sales originate from traffic sources redirected from these videos—almost that’s a one-third boost in sales!” says Light, the CEO of Nolah Mattress.


By using a tool like VideoWise, you can easily add and manage videos anywhere on your website.

Influencer Video from Video Wise

You might be asking yourself does Video Wise Integrate with Shopify? The answer is a resounding YES! Adding Video Wise to your shop is pain-free and integrates seamlessly with channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, YotPo, Recharge and Klaviyo. As e-commerce grows and competition increases you’ll need a solution to stay ahead of your competitors. Integrating Video Wise is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.