Bennett Queen

Bennett, is the king, of all things performance marketing. From paid social, to email marketing and search engine generative experience, he’s on top of the future, today.

Jose Rios

Jose is our developer and go to man when we need pixels converted into binary. He is often making references to basketball and product development, like slam-dunking a command line interface with a refined git commit.

Cole Hamel

Cole is our resident designer and creative producer. He has ambitions of making our team dialed like a Formula 1 team and can often be 7 moves ahead of you on a chess board.

Kylie Souza

Kylie Souza has a knack for details and leading our team of designers. She’s the right hand and second in charge around here. Her communication and individualism strengths help keep projects aligned, without the mind reading. She enjoys taking care of her plants, her new puppy and cooking anti-inflammatory recipes for the greater wealth; health.

Matt McIver

Matthew McIver is a creative visionary with decades of experience as a hands-on entrepreneur. He has studied and practiced graphic design and commercial photography before his time leading a team to international recognition. He enjoys hanging out with his family including new son, mountain biking, fly fishing, camping and landscape photography.