A Hands on Place to Create

The Generator

A Hands on Place to Create

In a community of makers, creators, and innovators - The Generator stands out. With a growing number of well-known projects around the world, from Burning Man to the Smithsonian - it leads the way in community maker spaces. However, their website didn’t reflect that . While gearing up for a large member push, they reached out to see if we would help with a landing page. We did one better - here’s to creating an interactive scroller in line with the other printed elements. Work began in March 2018 and the site is now live in May 2018.

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Awards & Mentions

2018 AAF Regional ADDYs - Gold - Web




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The generator website prototype iteration

The Generator has a diverse selection of members. Seriously.

They have grandma’s who weld, tattooed men taking sewing classes, kids on silks, and artists of all sorts. It was important to Development Director, Aric Shapiro, that all individuals were represented here. Not just the burners. Not just the silks. Not just the workshops - everyone was to be included and feel a sense of belonging.

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Designed To Play

Design is Play.

One thing that unifies The Generator with all of us makers and creators is the element of fun. Whether you’re dialing in a landing page, developing a brand, or building the next Space Whale, fun is your driving force.

“We wanted the look and feel of this page to be a fun, interactive place where individuals come to create.”

Kylie Souza
The generator website, above the fold

The site practically invites you to play around.

With clickable assets and fun hovers and animations, you won’t be bored. But, how else do you build a site for the hands on place to create?

Targeted Language For Targeted Objectives?

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

The main purpose of this page was to convert scrollers into members. The tone of ‘buying a membership’ seemed too self-interested, so we tweaked the copy to reflect the visitor’s creative pursuit as the motivator. Because pursuing creativity - it keeps the world beautiful.

As well as showing off the access to tools and resources, it was important to the Generator to demonstrate the most important value of becoming a member — access to the community.

The generator website mobile design

Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

But Most Importantly, Love This Shit.