Branding InsurTech Company from Startup to Acquisition

Covered Insurance

Branding InsurTech Company from Startup to Acquisition

From their beginning, we’ve helped Covered across all levels of their brand and product: comprehensive brand identity, web development, illustration, and UI. Based in Denver, Colorado, their mission is focused on simplifying the insurance process.

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Covered home page and logo
Humble beginnings

Breaking from tradition

As a result out of frustration with traditional insurance shopping, Covered saw an opportunity to create a transparent and streamlined digital insurance marketplace. Their brand mark represents support and stability, expressing their commitment to making insurance easy to understand and purchase.

Covered house illustration and logo
Family illustration
Family illustration
Refreshed illustrations

Happy and helpful

As Covered had grown from a small app startup to a full digital insurance marketplace experience, Commence worked to expand and update their illustrations. This adaptive visual system helps convey complex and stuffy concepts in a meaningful way. Commence wanted to give these illustrations a more prominent role in telling Covered’s story in a clear, concise, and consistent way. The artwork created is used across all parts of their marketing efforts— website, whitepapers, email campaigns, and presentations.

Supporting cast

A diverse lineup

Commence created a set of characters to give a sense of community, inclusivity, and friendliness to the Covered brand. This extra human touch to their visual messaging reflects their values and effort to provide an easier insurance experience to people from all walks of life.

Illustrations of people
Hand holding house illustrated animation
Hand holding money illustrated animation
Covered web layout with illustrations
House and neighborhood illustrations
Covered illustration card web ui
Neighborhood scene illustration

“Commence’s award-winning designs consistently result in an increase in customer engagement. Along the way, they’ve been highly responsive, thoughtful, and engaged with the success of the project.”

New coat of paint

An online marketplace

Covered needed a new consumer-facing website as they quickly outgrew their old site. Their revitalized website includes general information, a partner portal, and consumer portal to purchase insurance.

Flexible Systems

Accounting for all types of insurance

Commence created a backend system that can create new landing pages for each type of insurance as needed. As the technology around purchasing insurance expanded, Covered needed a way to meet the growing and broadening demand of all types of insurance.

The Commence team designed and developed a website that allows customers to easily purchase insurance policies and receive quotes.

House scene illustration
Covered navigation bar interaction video
We mean business to business

A crafted experience for partnerships

At Covered, transparent insurance options and services help improve customer engagement and satisfaction for insurance companies. Commence created the partnership site to speak to their business oriented audience in detail.

Mortgage servicing ui component
Mortgage origination ui component
Home services ui component
Mobile web ui mockup