Creative Direction

Tactically and tastefully providing creative concept, direction, management, and overview of one or more projects - Commence has a multifaceted skillset and process of keeping things fresh & updated

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Brand Identity

Fitlab Strong

Bold in the Bronx

Pharos Academy

Down the Rabbit Hole Packaging Design

Black Rabbit Mead Company

Fantastical Flowers

Bombadil Flower Co

Un Vero Gusto Italiano


The Future of Community Supported Agriculture

Fresh Future

Rethinking Produce through Aquaponics

Dayton Valley Aquaponics

Defend the Rubies

Patagonia Reno

Rye Patch Whiskey Wooden Label

Forsaken River Distilling

Uniting Surfers

Worldwide Nation

Chiseled with Charm

Honey + Goldies

Launch The Day

Retro Rocket Coffee

Alaskan Cannabis Dispensary Branding

Matanuska Apothecary

Spend a Week In The Woods

Deso Supply Co.

Defending Public Lands


Reviving Retail in Reno

West Elm

Born to be Dusty

Home Means Nevada Clothing Co.

Branding a Marijuana Logistics Company

Blackbird Go

A Community Hub Down Under

The Basement

Reno Is For Creatures

Off Beat Music Festival

The Forefront of Algae Science & Food

Triton Algae Innovations