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Retro Rocket Coffee

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RetroRocket Coffee is a purely web based coffee brand that has it all. Starting from step one, we created the color palette, brand, packaging and website for this intuitive company. Packed full of space exploration references, sweeping design and unique web experiences, you'll want to know every detail of the rise of RetroRocket.

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Retro Rocket mobile design
Retro Rocket illustration design
It's All In The Logo

Throwing it Back

The RetroRocket Coffee logo was created to express the nostalgia and excitement of mid-century space travel that inspires the RetroRocket team to roast delicous coffee. Reminding us to launch our day with gust and coffee, as well as coming back down to Earth to enjoy more, you guessed it... coffee!

Let Your Mind Wonder

The Impression of Color

The RetroRocket Coffee color palette was created with inspiration from parts of the Tarantula Nebula and mid-century design. Contrasting colors on the warm and cool spectrum leave a lasting feeling of wonder and nostalgia.

Retro Rocket business cards
Packaging for the Gods

Out of this World Experience

We carried our space theme across every unique coffee label. From future themed lamps to UFOs themselves, these labels have it all. Paired with the pro tips, snazzy hints and intriguing company summary on the coffee bags, this packaging soars above the rest.

Retro Rocket coffee
Retro Rocket coffee
Retro Rocket coffee
Swag Out

Don’t Just Drink It, Sport It

No great coffee company is complete without some swag to rep the brand. We designed these classy t-shirts and galactic mugs for any human or alien-alike to show off.

Retro Rocket mug

But, wait… there’s more. Prepare for a website beyond your imagination.

Have It All

Vast and Encompassing

It’s a Rocket Tunes playlist section, it’s a rotating product display, it’s never-ending rocketism wisdom. RetroRocket’s website has it all. Starting with a featured products, scrolling to company ideology and navigating to in depth product pages, it’s an exploration that never ends.

Retro Rocket mobile design
Retro Rocket website design

Bringing the coffee buying experience to the next level. Introducing a subscription system for legends.

Retro Rocket website design
Easy as 1,2,3

Coffee Forever

You love coffee? Well, so do we. And so does RetroRocket. That’s we made it so you never need to worry about your coffee supply coming to a halt. We built a system that allows any customer to make up to four coffee subscriptions at once. You’ll be able to skip an order, change your payment method, look at delivery dates and view your purchase history too. Every subscription tool is a click away.

For Coffee Lovers, By Coffee Lovers

Mobile + Coffee = Love.

Yes, ordering from your phone is just as easy. Pick your and your SO’s favorite coffee flavors, the amount you want, and how often you want them, then let your subscription do the rest, forever.

Knowledge Is Cool

Become an Expert

We couldn’t forget some brew guide love. Have a question about some brewing methods? We’ve got your back. We created a page all about coffee and brewing tips.

Brewing Has Many Steps

Swipe for More

If one brew method is not your style, just swipe right. Every brew guide is complete with equipment, grind size, brew ratio and instructions.

Retro Rocket mobile design