Celebrating 150 Years

State of Nevada

Celebrating 150 Years

Battle ready, battle born. Challenged by the Governor's office to create a look celebrating the Nevada's Bicentennial Celebration - we took inspiration from the land itself. Featuring hand drawn, custom typography, and custom illustrations bringing out the elements of where the desert meets the hills - this artwork was not only used as an art print for the state of Nevada, but was also later turned into t-shirts as well.






United States

Nevada's Bicentennial Celebration framed illustration
Out In The Land Of The Setting Sun

Colors of the Western Sky

Spend any amount of time in the great state of Nevada and you'll witness desert landscapes like no other. This desert terrain served as first hand inspiration as we sampled colors from 25 different photographs taken from all across the state of Nevada to create this color scheme

Nevada's Bicentennial Celebration logo
Nevada's Bicentennial Celebration laser engraver sign