Environment Skateboards

Environment Skateboards

Environment Skateboards

As a company founded in skate culture (pour one out for all the times we've hit the pavement literally and figuratively), Environment was one of the original partners in creativity for Laxalt & McIver. With custom illustration and graphic design, we helped grow Environment's brand through art directed skate decks and tear sheets filled with graphics far cooler than any kick flip.




San Francisco


United States

Enjoy the Ride

Building an Environment

It's one thing to design skateboards, its another to design skateboards that we'd actually use and be proud to represent. We dove deep into not only our own, but the communities skate culture to make sure that we were speaking the language.

Enjoy The Ride

Stay true to your roots

Environment was definitely a project true to our roots - as an office filled with skate and cycle fiends, we were happy to get our hands dirty with a couple of skate decks.

Enjoy the Ride

Do What You Love

We're fortunate to chase our passions everyday, and grinding this project out with people who were equally passionate made us even more juiced.

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