Chiseled with Charm

Honey + Goldies

Chiseled with Charm

Our Reno, Nevada based jeweler at Honey & Goldies hand crafts unique and irreplaceable pieces. She wanted a website that reflected the simplicity, variety and beauty of her one-of-a-kind craft. Starting from a simple, elegant color scheme, we worked with Honey and Goldies to create a stunning eCommerce website that incorporates detailed illustrations, awesome photography, 3 custom products pages and tailored back-end functionality. The combination of hard work, collaboration and a handful of diamonds, creates nothing less than a result that sparkles as bright as the gems it exhibits.

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2019 GDUSA Web Awards - Gold - Web




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It's All Come Together

Brimming with content

We kick things off with a simple home page highlighting featured products and collections, alternatively leading customers to the studio page where they can learn more about the process, designer and shop, or flip through a lookbook of custom jewelry pieces. Fully packed with FAQ, contact forms, customer accounts, three custom product pages and a complete shop experience including an intuitive product filtering system and an encompassing cart page, this website leaves nothing out.

It's All Come Together : Brimming with content
Honey and goldies website on mobile iPhone
Honey and goldies website mobile iPhone
Honey and goldies website footer
Honey and goldies illustration
Honey and goldies website FAQ page on iPad
Honey and goldies website lookbook
Honey & Goldies Summer Collection Product Video

Keep It Simple

Paint it gold. Or grey. Or black.

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Honey and goldies logo
Honey and goldies logo

Illustrative Detail Work

Making the vision come to life

We created a custom builder to make designing semi-custom jewelry pieces reputable and straightforward. Viewing these decorative elements that we illustrated, customers can pick their favorite embellishment that will be carved into the band of their ring or added to adorn their gem.

Illustrative Detail Work : Making the vision come to life
Honey and goldies ring design illustrations

Using The Lens

Photography is like a window

We wanted to make the experience personal. It was important that the customers got to actually see the heart of the company, since it’s so full of passion, integrity and breadth. Using product, lifestyle and portrait photography we we were able to feature the process and product in an intimate way.

Using The Lens: Photography is like a window
Lindsay, owner of Honey and Goldies
Handcrafting jewelery
Honey and Goldies custom jewelery pieces
Sometimes one solution just isn’t enough. In the case of Honey and Goldies' diverse options, utilizing three product pages created the ultimate user experience.

Keeping It Familiar

The classic product

This design is complete with multiple photos, an overview of details and standard customizations such as ring size or chain length. Perfect for any ready to ship product with an inventory.

Keeping It Familiar : The classic product
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Honey and golidies website slideshow example
Adding a touch of customization and a more personalized process

Turning It Up A Notch

The semi-custom product

This page features all of the available customizations per product, such as metal type, gemstone, band detail or ring size. Each set of options per customization is set in a horizontal scroller to enable the user to be able to see and choose each option, without overwhelming them with them all displayed at once. Ideal for any product that lends itself to easy customization for customers that don’t mind a longer make time.

Turning It Up A Notch : The semi-custom product
Javascript programming
Honey and goldies website custom jewelery builder
Making the perfect product for any customer, from start to finish.

Bringing The Heat

The fully-custom product

Customers can create their very own completely tailored jewelry piece by filling out a form with all the required questions. After working through any additional details, Honey and Goldies easily generates a custom page, visible only to the purchaser through their customer account or special link. Complete with a summary, progress updates and a manageable payment system, this feature is the icing on the cake.

Bringing The Heat : The fully-custom product
Liquid shopify programming
Custom order form
Honey and Goldies website mobile iPhone