Cannabis culture in the digital space

Sierra Well

Cannabis culture in the digital space

Sierra Well was the first cannabis dispensary in Reno, NV, and their eyes are set on continuing to lead the way. Sierra Well approached Commence to help create a modern website and online store for their patients and customers.

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It became clear as recreational cannabis became legal, that they needed an accessible resource for people to browse products, discover daily deals, and learn about the local regulations.


A State of Mind

Commence has created a new website for Sierra Well that perfectly conveys its mission to bring high quality cannabis discreetly and conveniently to adults 21+. The dashboard-like experience created a bold and accessible interface that responds seamlessly on mobile phones.

Clear categories

Commence designed large, bold typography helping guide folks who have dificulty reading smaller texts. Themed cards and comprehensive location information helped make wellness more accessible for this community.

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