The Future of Community Supported Agriculture

Fresh Future

The Future of Community Supported Agriculture

Through re-imagining organic produce in a box, we started creating an enticing and environmentally progressive identity for the Fresh Future Box; the aquaponics solution to the end of the Farmer's Market season. Whether it’s spicy peppers, rich butter greens, or plum tomatoes, we made sure we incorporated all elements of sweet sweet sustainability. Ensuring that they sacrificed nothing when it came to authentically representing their brand promise, we created their brand so it was replete with natural elements and vibrant visuals.






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Food & Beverage

Fresh Future packaging design
Keep it simple

It’s hard to grow food in the desert

Growing in the high desert of Northern Nevada is difficult, but Future Fresh laughed in the face of mono-croppers everywhere and is now bringing fresh produce to the desert. It was only fitting that we made their brand identity represent innovation, all while keeping it light and simple.

Logo Design

Core Principles

The Fresh Future logo was designed to represent the convenience and quality of aquaponic farming-- shaping the future of modern agriculture with sustainable, local produce for the community.

Fresh Future logo design
Natural + Fresh

Leaving a lasting feeling

The Fresh Future color palette was created with inspiration from different crops. Contrasting colors on the warm & cool spectrum leave a lasting feeling of organic novelty.

Fresh Future custom lettering

We wanted to fully embody what it means to be natural. So we kept it sweet and simple

Fresh Future packaging design
Fresh Future packaging design
Fresh Future swag design

To keep your future fresh, your delivery could be no more than a tap away.

Fresh Future mobile app design