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I’m Matt McIver.

Owner and operator of Commence Studio.

Chances are, we met at Expo West - If we didn’t, and you ended up here by chance, thank you for coming.

At Commence Studio, we are passionate about building CPG brands with sustainable practices into leaders in the industry. We believe that purpose-driven brands deserve a place in the market - heck, they should be the WHOLE market.

We’re on a steadfast pursuit to make the world a better place and can only do that by offering better products for everyone. Pursuing that dream happens through strategic design and e-commerce strategies, both of which we’re uniquely qualified for.

If that sounds like we’re speaking directly to your heart - contact us, we’re probably a perfect fit! We’ll sit down and talk shop - discussing how we can take your business’s success and multiply it.

What we offer

Service Lines


Logo, Branding, Packaging, Campaign Creation


Shopify Development, Wholesale integration, Conversion Rate Optimization


Paid Media (Meta, Google Ads, TikTok), Content Creation (Video, Photo, UGC), Klaviyo Management , Influencer Management

Above and Beyond

We consider ourselves lucky to have some incredible partnerships under our belt. What makes a good partnership? Glad you asked. Good partnerships begin with trust and last because of mutual growth. Our clients trust us to build their brands - we don’t take that lightly. Through thoughtful design and strategic, data-backed decisions, we can create something unique.

Rebrand and Shopify Development

Barnacle Foods strives to keep the ecosystems they rely on for ingredients as healthy as they found them. Ensuring that these resources continue to flourish for future generations to enjoy. The Commence designers created a new logo that gives Barnacle Foods an organically recognizable mark and a scalable design system that reflects their company culture (and namesake).

Commence designers and developers worked alongside each other to build an e-commerce website that showcases the new brand identity, captures more search results, makes subscription savings clear, and puts the product narrative at the forefront. Barnacle Foods now has in-depth landing pages about Kelp farming, their brand story and provides a faster shopping experience for their customers.

Mobile E-commerce Site

Deso Supply Co. is an outdoor clothing company that appreciates wide open spaces and getting lost in the wilderness. Not because you don’t know where you’re going but because it’s an adventure.

As a company, Commence Studio values the same things and participates in some of the same initiatives. As a design agency, we focus on crafting purposeful brands, products, and experiences that turn cultural values into company value. We took on the Deso Supply Co. partnership because we genuinely believe in what they stand for, and we know that these beliefs have a place in the market and should be a staple in business today.

Here’s how we helped:

  • Developed a mobile-first e-commerce site
    • Restructured products to make searching easier
    • Automatic Collections making things easier for internal stakeholders
    • Increase average order value through intuitive customer add-ons and cross-selling


KPI #1

Increase the store’s conversion rate from 1.3% to 3% YOY

KPI #2

Increased average monthly sales 53% during peak shopping season (nov-dec)

KPI #3

Increased customer retention/repeat customers 4% increase YOY by the end of 2022.

KPI #4

Increase average order value 8% YOY

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